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Summer Camp

Seven Mountains Scout Camp

Summer Camp can be one of the most memorable experiences during a Scout's Summer break.  It's a time for Scouts to have fun, meet new friends, learn new skills, get a jump start on their next rank and spend time unplugged and outdoors.  There are three different Summer camp opportunities provided at Seven Mountains Scout Camp.  Each program is designed with age appropriate activities to keep the Scouts active and engaged throughout their stay.  Seven Mountains is designed to accommodate all campers and features indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, a lake and swimming pool, dining facilities, and more; altogether 230 acres of forest surrounded by even more wilderness.

Attendance at Scout Camp also makes the Scout eligible for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.


Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp is for any youth entering First through Fifth grades.  Siblings and parents are also welcome!  It is a day-only program and Scouts may sign up for individual days to suit the family's schedule.  The program includes camp favorites such as BB-Guns, Archery, and Aquatics each day, along with other activities throughout the week. Scouts will be provided lunch in the dining hall.


Cub Scout Family Camp

Cub Scout Family Camp starts in the evenings after Day Camp dismisses. Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in open program areas and other fun evening activities, relax, spend the night at camp, and enjoy dinner and breakfast in the dining hall. A Parent/Guardian must be present for Family Camp, and the first parent is included in the youth registration.  Families may stay in the Seven Mountains tents or bring their own.


Webelos Resident Camp

Webelos Resident Camp is for any youth entering Forth or Fifth grades.  This camp at Seven Mountains offers one week of overnight camping for Webelos Scouts to complete advancements and have new experiences. This 5 day 4 night program takes your Scout on an Adventure around Seven Mountains that he will never forget.  In addition to shooting sports, aquatics, scoutcraft, Scouts are encouraged to hike the trails in and around 7MC, attend twilight activities, and enjoy campfires.  All meals are included.  


Registration information will be distributed via newsletter annually.  If you need this information, please contact us:  

Medical Forms

All Youth and Adults attending Camp will need to have a current BSA Medical form on file.  Parts A & B  are required for Day and Family Camp; Parts A, B & C are required for Webelos Camp.  Note that Part C requires a physician's signature, so please plan ahead and bring the from to your next doctor's appointment.  Medical forms will be collected by the Pack approximately 2 weeks prior to camp so they can be turned in to the council at our pre-registration meeting.  This helps us check-in go more quickly, which allows us to have more time to enjoy at camp.

Emergency Contacts

In Case of an emergency the camp office can be reached at 717-364-1017. There is only one line into camp, so please keep it line open for emergencies.  Cell phone numbers for Pack leaders will be provided to parents before camp starts.


The Juniata Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America is committed to making the outdoor program available to every youth regardless of financial ability. Scouts needing financial assistance to participate in Summer Camping Programs are encouraged to apply.  To apply submit the campership form to the Juniata Valley Council by May 1st.


What if my Scout is allergic to certain foods?

All food allergies should be reported to the Juniata Valley Council by completing the Special Dietary Needs Form prior to camp. The Dining Hall Staff work to make sure every Scouts needs are met.

Can I send Food or snacks with my Scout?

You may send a snack along with your Scout. Please remember that Camp does have animals and critters that love a free snack, so be sure to limit snacks and provide safe storage.  Please avoid snacks containing peanuts or tree nuts.

Do I have to attend with my Scout?

While we prefer that Scouts are accompanied to camp, we understand that this is not always possible. BSA policy requires that Tigers (entering 1st grade in the fall) be accompanied by an adult. Other Scouts can be led by an adult from their Pack.

What Time Does Camp Start/End?

Day Camp: check in starts at 8:00. Program starts at 8:45 and ends at 4:15 each day.

Family Camp: check in starts at 4:30pm and ends with breakfast each day.

Webelos Resident Camp: check in starts at 1pm on July 22th. Program ends at 5pm on the 25th.



Bussing is available for Day Camp only. Buses leave between 7:00-8:00am and return between 4:15 and 4:45 depending on the stop. A bus stop schedule will be available closer to the start of camp. Final bus stop locations are contingent on registration. Last minute changes or delays will be posted on the JVC's Facebook Page and Seven Mountains' Facebook Page.

Can my Scouts younger siblings attend?

If accompanied by a parent, younger siblings who are not registered Scouts may attend for the Second Scout Discounted rate.

What if my child has to take medications?

The camp has an on-site health officer who will store the child’s medication.

Are Uniforms Required?

Scouts should wear their Class B uniform or camp-provided t-shirt (Cub Scout Day Camp only) each day.  Scouts attending Family Camp or Webelos Resident Camp will need to wear their Class A uniform each morning for breakfast and each evening for dinned. 

Packing List


Day Camp

  • Day Pack

  • Water Bottle filled with water

  • Rain Gear

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect Repellant*

  • Closed Toed Shoes (Sandals and Crocs are not acceptable footwear)

  • Swimwear & Towel

  • Plastic bag for wet swimwear

  • Hat

  • Change of Clothes (and socks)* 

  • Spending Money*

  • Snacks*


Family Camp

  • Everything listed above

  • Jacket

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Flash Light

  • Toiletries (shower shoes are recommended)*

  • Sleepwear

  • Clothing for the week (and spares)

Webelos Resident Camp

  • Everything listed above

  • Pocketknife*

  • Whittling Chip Card*

Optional Items

  • Fishing Pole

  • Campsite Activities

* Packing List Notes
  • Snacks: The camp has asked that we avoid snacks containing peanuts & tree nuts

  • Insect Repellant: Ticks are a major concern in this part of Pennsylvania.  It is critical that Scouts take every precaution possible to avoid them.  A good quality insect repellant is very important.  We also encourage long pants and long socks.  The long pants not only protect against ticks, they also protect the legs and particularly the knees while doing outdoor activities.  Remember, it is always cooler at camp than in town.

  • Spare Clothes: As our Cubmaster an attest to based on recent experience, you never know when a pair of pants may tear in an embarrassing location.  Please have spare clothing available in case your primary set gets wet or damaged.

  • Spending Money: The camp trading post will be available for snacks, souvenirs, camp items & more.  Scouts are responsible for and must hold their spending money.

  • Shower Shoes: Fully functional shower hoses are available to all campers.  Flip flops or water shows are recommend for use in the shower house only, not for walking to / from the shower house.

  • Pocket Knife: Only Scouts who have earned their Whittling Chip may possess at pocket knife at camp.  The Scout must have their Whittling Chip Card with them any time they are using or caring their knife.  

  • Electronics: Leave them at home!  Items such as phones, MP3 players, tablets and other expensive items are not recommended.  Pack 375, it's leaders and the Juniata Valley Council will not take responsibility for these items.

Additional Information

Additional information is available:

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