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2018 Pinewood Derby Results

We had record turnout for this year's Pinewood Derby race with over 60 Scouts and siblings participating. Please see the below winners for each Den along with the overall Pack winners. All Scouts whose cars did not place in the race will automatically be entered into the Design Competition which will be judged and announced at the Blue & Gold Ceremony. Look HERE for complete results!

** Please note that Scouts who placed in the top three for the Overall Pack were not allowed to also place in their Dens.**

First Place Overall Winner

Elrik Heaney (Bear Den)

Second Place Overall

Isaac Edgar (Wolf Den)

Third Place Overall

Robbie Jeanmenne (Wolf Den)

Webelos II Den Winner

Christopher Hill

Webelos I Den Winner

Ezra Gernand

Bear Den Winner

Trey Zanghi*

Wolf Den Winner

Layton Covol*

PFE Tiger Den Winner

Carter Robinson

GW/MN Tiger Den Winner

Max Jeanmenne

Lion Den Winner

Jude Gernand

Fuel Efficiency

Dominic Scipione (Lion Den)

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