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2015 Pack 375 Pinewood Derby Results

It's official folks! The results of the 2015 Pack 375 Pinewood Derby are in! Each Scout competed against their other Den members in the preliminary races. The fastest Den car advanced to the finals. In addition, the top ten times overall in the preliminary race also advanced to the finals. In the final race the top three times took the overall Pack Winner trophies. Drum roll please...

Overall Pack Winner: Jack W. (Bear Den)

Overall Pack 2nd Place: Aiden B. (Bear Den)

Overall Pack 3rd Place: Christopher H. (Wolf Den)

Tiger Den

- Winner: Ryan B. (finalist)

- Runner-up: Dylan S.

- Third: Connor H.

- Fourth: Cody N.

- Fifth: Gavin H.

- Sixth: Dylan B.

Wolf Den

- Winner: Kyle R. (finalist)

- Runner-up: Cooper B. (finalist)

- Third: Adam S.

- Fourth: Sean M.

- Fifth: Jonah L.

- Sixth: Ryan E.

- Seventh: Ben C.

- Eigth: Kyle O.

Bear Den

- Winner: Todd S. (finalist)

- Runner-up: Adam R.

- Third: David B.

- Fourth: Antony M.

Webelo I

- Winner: Kyle G. (finalist)

- Runner-up: Youngjin R. (finalist)

- Third: Conner D.

Webelo II

- Winner: John B. (finalist)

- Runner-up: Gavin S.

- Third: Noah K.-W.

Congratulations to all our wonderful Scouts! The boys put in a lot of time and effort to make their cars! They all deserve a big pat on the back!

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