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Wolf Den Grows Germs!

Tonight, the Wolf Den visited Penn State's Frear Laboratory to learn all about germs! The Wolves are working toward their Cub Scout NOVA award. NOVA awards incorporate learning, fun activiites, and exposure to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In conjunction with their science field trip, the Wolves worked on their Germs Alive! elective adventure. At the February Den meeting, the Wolves learned how to properly wash their hands, why they should cover their face when they sneeze, and what mucus does for ones body. The Scouts also discussed the importance of cleaning their rooms and that bacteria is present even though they can't be seen. Each Scout completed three cultrues where they placed their unwashed hands in a petri dish, a hand rinsed with just water in a petri dish, and then fully washed their hands before finally placing them in their third petri dish. After two weeks, the Scouts saw what grew in their petri dishes!

The Scouts also conducted a science experiement to see what foods would grow mold the fastest. THey placed a slice of bread, banana, and cheese into a plastic bag with a few drops of water. They then observed and recorded their findings!

Click through the slideshow to see what the Wolves have been up to this month!

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